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Sunday, 17 March 2013

If I Were A Boy

For the past week, I've been (in my opinion) dressing more like a boy. From boyfriend jeans, to beanies, to boy tees and Vans (people who know me will probably be shocked by this). Maybe it's secretly because my mother has always wanted a boy and me being a girl has been (apparently) a big shock to her and I just want to please her, in some way. But come on, she was going to name me Daffy if I were a boy, I mean....... what.
I've actually been dying for a chance to wear this boyfriend beanie I got from ASOS but the weather has been pretty hot lately. Today though, a chilly 23 with strong winds makes it a perfect time for me to snuggle up a bit. Also being under the weather and having horrible hair today, it gives me the best excuse to wear it. Instead of doing my assignment, I spent the whole of yesterday night altering some large boy (and girl) tees and I didn't realise how disgusting my sewing skills are until I put it on and it is undeniably uneven and all over the place. But nevertheless, I hope you enjoy my boy look today. This outfit makes me want to learn how to skate. Anyone want to be my teacher? 

Wearing: ASOS Boyfriend Beanie, Cotton On Bike Tee, Zara Knitted Cardigan, Dr Denim Jeans, Vans


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