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Wednesday, 24 April 2013


There are many reasons why I wish I wasn't considered as a "petite" size. Actually, I don't think I even fit that category because apparently I'm not tall enough. Having to alter around 80% of what I buy online is so tedious and annoying when I wish I could just use a machine and stretch my bones to make me taller and wider (hold on, I think that actually exists in China....) But I'm not tall, in fact, I had to be this short and life is just making it harder for me but at least my sewing skills are slowly improving.. 

So the whole of my mom's wardrobe consists of the colours black, white and grey and the occasional dark purples and blues. Up until now, I have always tried to encourage her to wear more colours and that she wears too much black. Guilty, because like mother like daughter, I am finally inheriting her love for dark colours. Like I said, I feel that my style has changed drastically over the past few years and I think just since the start of this year, I've become extremely interested in leather and all things black really. Maybe it's the trend, so let's see how this goes but I must say, I feel like when I wear all black, I can come across quite intimidating. My grandparents think that once your outfits start consisting black around 80% of the time, you're starting to think that life is boring and you're just sad. True story, but I couldn't disagree more. 

Black is not boring, not at all. I'm with you on this, mother.

Till the next one,


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Monday, 22 April 2013

Fitch 1892

There are some days where I want to dress quirky and weird. I mean, who said each person must be limited to one style only? Well today is a mix of quirky, weird, laziness, errands and hay-fever. One underestimates the lack of energy and amount of uncomfortable-ness when one is undergoing hay-fever. However, today is filled with errands which means I actually have to get out of bed and dress myself. Here is a result of that. I did manage to throw on some heel to make it seem like I'm making a solid effort. I apologise for my lack of creativity but please let's just blame the nose I have been given and it's sensitivity to dust, pollen, fur, and anything else small enough to tickle it. 

Hope you're having a much better, less-sneezier, less-lazy and more productive day than I am.


Wearing: Abercrombie and Fitch White Printed Tee, Thrifted Blazer, ASOS Patterned Pants, New Look Fringed Ankle Boots


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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Staring At Stars

Autumn is finally settling in! I have waited so long for autumn to decide to reside in Sydney and I'm glad to say I can wear beanies without looking weird and jackets without getting hot! 

A few of my friends have told me that my style has changed and I'm (and I quote) "wearing so much black these days" and it seems like every time I buy something, I always look for it in either leather, black, grey or dark green.  People always seem to have one style but I seem to alternate between rock chic, girly, and plain casual. I know I know, it sends mixed messages but to me, I love wearing whatever makes me feel good. Whether sometimes it's a floral girly dress, or a black leather jacket, I love being able to send through a mood or vibe with what I'm wearing.

So what vibe am I sending you today? Leave me a comment below! 


Wearing: Cotton On Oversized Tee, Supre Mini, Staring At Stars Leather Sleeve Jacket, Converse Black Hi-Tops, ASOS Boyfriend Beanie


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Thursday, 18 April 2013

It's Like Murder She Wrote

Okay okay, before you shake your head in disappointment for my lack of posting, let me tell you a really good excuse to why I have been absent. Besides listening to Remix to Ignition on repeat and lying in bed for basically 24 hours a day, I have also been playing with my cat, Pepper and eating a lot of M&Ms. Please don't hate, I try I try. 

But nevertheless, I have managed to dress myself today and decided an outfit post is long overdue. 
Until the next one,

lotzaaa luvvvvv.

Wearing: Zara Sleeveless Skeleton Singlet, Supre Cotton Mini Skirt, Forever 21 Denim Vest, Gloss Spiked Necklace, Converse Black Leather Hi-Tops


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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Back To Basic

For quite some time now I've been looking for a versatile white blouse and it was only recently that I've found the one! I think a white blouse is a staple piece for every girls' wardrobe because it's just so good - for basics, dressing up or down, pants or no pants and so forth. But firstly, I apologise for the lack of presence lately. I want to say I've been drowned in uni work but in really it's The Following and trying to live by myself, which apparently means being able to lie in bed alternating between The Following and Suits and doing 50+ squats per day. Nevertheless, here is an outfit put together by lack of motivation and plenty of ceebz (what the kids call "can't be bothered" these days). Not a single care for uni was given today, and I think I'm ready to hibernate until next Monday when my mom comes back and I'm volunteering for MBFWA.

Will you be there? Let me know!


Wearing: ASOS White Blouse, Yesstyle Faux Leather Backpack, Converse Leather Black Hi-Tops


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