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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Staring At Stars

Autumn is finally settling in! I have waited so long for autumn to decide to reside in Sydney and I'm glad to say I can wear beanies without looking weird and jackets without getting hot! 

A few of my friends have told me that my style has changed and I'm (and I quote) "wearing so much black these days" and it seems like every time I buy something, I always look for it in either leather, black, grey or dark green.  People always seem to have one style but I seem to alternate between rock chic, girly, and plain casual. I know I know, it sends mixed messages but to me, I love wearing whatever makes me feel good. Whether sometimes it's a floral girly dress, or a black leather jacket, I love being able to send through a mood or vibe with what I'm wearing.

So what vibe am I sending you today? Leave me a comment below! 


Wearing: Cotton On Oversized Tee, Supre Mini, Staring At Stars Leather Sleeve Jacket, Converse Black Hi-Tops, ASOS Boyfriend Beanie


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