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Monday, 22 April 2013

Fitch 1892

There are some days where I want to dress quirky and weird. I mean, who said each person must be limited to one style only? Well today is a mix of quirky, weird, laziness, errands and hay-fever. One underestimates the lack of energy and amount of uncomfortable-ness when one is undergoing hay-fever. However, today is filled with errands which means I actually have to get out of bed and dress myself. Here is a result of that. I did manage to throw on some heel to make it seem like I'm making a solid effort. I apologise for my lack of creativity but please let's just blame the nose I have been given and it's sensitivity to dust, pollen, fur, and anything else small enough to tickle it. 

Hope you're having a much better, less-sneezier, less-lazy and more productive day than I am.


Wearing: Abercrombie and Fitch White Printed Tee, Thrifted Blazer, ASOS Patterned Pants, New Look Fringed Ankle Boots


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