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Tuesday, 21 May 2013


As winter is creeping in, it's funny how I'm trying to grasp hold of Summer for as long as possible. We always want what we can't have hey?

Let me just talk about this maxi skirt right here. If I could love ASOS any more, it would be when I received this maxi skirt with a beautiful and perfect thigh-high split. It's my first ever maxi-skirt and for a while now, I have been intimidated to try a maxi skirt because of my height. But can I just say I don't feel all that bad in this black gem? I think, as Autumn hides away, I will try make use of this skirt as much as possible. 

In the meantime, enjoy me in my one-time-white-lace look and of course, this beautiful maxi-skirt.


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Friday, 17 May 2013


Firstly, I would like to sincerely apologise for the lack of posting on Lookbook, Twitter and Instagram. I have been burdened by a enormous pile of assessments and my house getting re-painted (I know, random right?)

Secondly, I have been told that I have been saying the word 'basically' so often that it's becoming a bad habit. (Apparently saying the word 'basically' in your verbal presentations at uni just doesn't cut it) and so my tutor, my friends and I have been trying to find words to replace 'basically'. So basically- ah damnit, I thesaurus-d it, and these are some of the words that I can say instead:

"fundamentally, at heart, at the bottom, essentiallyfirstly, inessence, in substance, inherentlyintrinsically,mostlyprimarilyradically"

You don't know how hard it is to suddenly replace a word you have been saying so often... it's like I have to specifically take a 3-second pause at the start of every conversation to think of another word to replace it. Essentially, fundamentally, intrinsically, like, seriously?
"Oh hey yeah so fundamentally it's like this-"
"Essentially, all I did was-"
I don't know about you, but I don't think these serious words really go with what follows after it.. "Essentially what happened was, I got so drunk and-" Ha, I'm kidding, I promise you I'm a sensible and responsible young lady.

But anyway, enough about that, I have put this outfit together due to my heightened interest towards beanies and mens clothing. Now that winter has decided to be realllllly cold, getting out of bed and changing into clothes has become so difficult. But who needs to wake up early and get ready when you can just pop on a beanie and a sweater and be done with it? The best thing about this outfit is that it actually looks like I've put in some effort into it. I've been so in love with beanies these days, especially after a few people saying they look good on me (please tell me they're not being cruel and just lying to me...) Regardless, I think I've been wearing a beanie to my outfits for the past week and ASOS just does the best of them.

What are your winter essentials? List them below! You know what mine are!

Till the next one,


Wearing: ASOS Beanie with Pom Pom, Forever 21 Floral Shirt, Zara Mens Blue Sweater, Dr Denim Kissy Black, Converse Classic Hi-Top Black, Yesstyle Black Leather Backpack

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Sunday, 5 May 2013

A Sum Up


Let me just start off by saying Autumn has settled which means the colours of black, white, navy, grey, olive and maroon are central in my looks. As I have mentioned before, my style has definitely changed to a more "rock"(ish) style compared to my earlier style- which was a mix of everything really. I'm happy to be exploring this side of me and do feel flattered when some people say I look a little more badass these days. I'm really not though, I can't even bring myself to kill anything bigger than an ant. That's not to say I have a really big heart, but I'm actually admitting that I'm a huge scaredy-cat and really just can't stand anything that crawls, fast. 

Something that's weird though? The fact that we try and grasp onto Summer as much as we can now that Winter is coming and we make it seem like we haven't worn enough shorts or skirts in Summer and we just want to torture ourselves in the cold. I don't think I want to start wearing jeans or long pants until I've done enough squats to make sure my behind isn't like a piece of cardboard. 

Nevertheless, I hope your week has been nothing but swell and that this coming week will be nothing we can't tolerate, because who are we kidding, what life does one have when studying a Design course?

Until the next one,

Wearing (in order of appearance): 

Forever 21 Floral Blouse, Dr Denim Kissy Black, New Look Fringed Boots 

Cotton On White Tee, ATMOS&HERE Dagger Leather Mini, Yesstyle Leather Backpack, Converse White Classic, Gloss Necklace

ASOS Cropped Tee, Yesstyle Black A-Line Skater Skirt, Converse Black Hi-Tops, ASOS Boyfriend Beanie 

ASOS Black Cropped Tee, Staring at Stars Jacket (available on Urban Outfitters), ASOS Checkered Shorts, Converse Black Hi-Tops, ASOS Boyfriend Beanie


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