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Sunday, 5 May 2013

A Sum Up


Let me just start off by saying Autumn has settled which means the colours of black, white, navy, grey, olive and maroon are central in my looks. As I have mentioned before, my style has definitely changed to a more "rock"(ish) style compared to my earlier style- which was a mix of everything really. I'm happy to be exploring this side of me and do feel flattered when some people say I look a little more badass these days. I'm really not though, I can't even bring myself to kill anything bigger than an ant. That's not to say I have a really big heart, but I'm actually admitting that I'm a huge scaredy-cat and really just can't stand anything that crawls, fast. 

Something that's weird though? The fact that we try and grasp onto Summer as much as we can now that Winter is coming and we make it seem like we haven't worn enough shorts or skirts in Summer and we just want to torture ourselves in the cold. I don't think I want to start wearing jeans or long pants until I've done enough squats to make sure my behind isn't like a piece of cardboard. 

Nevertheless, I hope your week has been nothing but swell and that this coming week will be nothing we can't tolerate, because who are we kidding, what life does one have when studying a Design course?

Until the next one,

Wearing (in order of appearance): 

Forever 21 Floral Blouse, Dr Denim Kissy Black, New Look Fringed Boots 

Cotton On White Tee, ATMOS&HERE Dagger Leather Mini, Yesstyle Leather Backpack, Converse White Classic, Gloss Necklace

ASOS Cropped Tee, Yesstyle Black A-Line Skater Skirt, Converse Black Hi-Tops, ASOS Boyfriend Beanie 

ASOS Black Cropped Tee, Staring at Stars Jacket (available on Urban Outfitters), ASOS Checkered Shorts, Converse Black Hi-Tops, ASOS Boyfriend Beanie


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