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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Concrete Jungle

Blouse - ZARA
Leather Skirt - The Iconic
Mary Janes - Yesstyle
Bag - Balenciaga City Bag

Before I break out into what is one of the best songs ever (Empire State of Mind), I'd like to take a moment and appreciate these wonderful Mary Jane Platform Heels from Yesstyle. I've always been a little hesitant on wearing platforms because my feet and ankles decided to be reallllllllly thin and small and wearing anything remotely bigger than my foot size will just look odd. But besides me tripping over because I'm clearly not made for heels, I've gotten nothing but compliments from these babies. 

Between my pasty legs and me trying out other awkward positions, I've probably tried just about everything I could to put off university work this week. My mind doesn't seem to understand that when an assessment is due, I have to physically do it. Hm. 

I hope your week has been far more productive than mine. 

Till the next one,


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