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Thursday, 19 September 2013

I simply remember my favourite things, and then I don't feel so bad!

This is not a sponsored post. I am not a skincare, haircare or beauty/makeup professional or expert. All reviews are based on personal, honest and unbiased view.

Get ready for a long post! (P.S kudos to you if you connected the title of this post and the first photo) If you didn't, it's the Sound of Music..... (notlame#sorrynotsorry)

Anyway friends, this candle here is divine. If you don't know me, (and you will know by the end of this post) I love all things Mango and Green Tea so you can only imagine when I came across this scent. It's no biggie, just a whiff of paradise. I can't praise this enough guys, get your hands on some. For Aussie readers, check here. Also, a book I have been loving this month is Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. It's a beautifully written novel set in 1986 and talks about first love in such a raw and real way. Despite Kindle and all other e-book apps, I find that turning a page just makes the reading experience so much more real. I finished the book in two nights (but that's also because I'm naturally a fast reader) and I don't want to spoil anything, but if you're in for a keeper, this is it. 

Now onto the sweet stuff! Skincare! 
Let me start by giving a brief history of my skin (sounds gross). I used to have extremely dry and sensitive skin but I think over time and finding the right products have led me to a different skin type? Hard to say, but on some seasons, I have dry cheeks with an oiler t-zone and on other days I have all-round dry-ish skin. I know I know, I'm horrible at this. So I presume I have combination skin type. 
One thing I make sure (as I used to have sensitive skin and still sort of do) is that I try to keep everything that goes onto my face as natural as possible. Vaseline has always been a good product for me whenever I have dry cuticles and chapped lips, Vaseline is always the first place I go. So when I came across this product (via a friend) of a moisturising lotion from Vaseline that contains aloe vera... can you imagine?! I love love just love this lotion. I use it everyday and this 750mL bottle can last me a good year or so. I'm one of those lazy girls who likes to wash her face at night and not in the morning (ain't nobody got time fo' dat) but this works well because I tend to realise whenever I do a whole cleanser-toner-moisturiser routine in the morning, it makes my face more oily and feels "thick" if you know what I mean girlfraaaan (idunno,don'tjudgeme) so usually I just wash my face, and put on this baby, and it freshens, moisturises and smooths my face ready for the day!

Oh baby, Innisfree Green Tea Line. 
Firstly, I would like to say that I have tried many many cleansers ranging from Cetaphil, Nivea, Dove, Biore, Neutrogena and Shiseido but I have always found that it either doesn't do much for me or worse, breaks me out when I don't use it. When I first came across this line during my stay in Korea, I didn't even care whether it was going to be good, because anything green tea - baby it's mine. However, this line is what got me started taking my skincare routine more seriously and develop a better routine for my skin. Although the products claim to be made with 100% natural elements, I'm no Korean so I can't really guarantee because I have come across some of their other products containing alcohol. However, I do know they do use seeds from natural green tea water from Jeju Island in Korea. Nevertheless, I use both the Pure line and their Seed line. I find that Pure is a more lighter line in comparison to the seed. And I feel the Pure line is more suitable on younger skin. My mom uses the Seed line and she prefers that over the Pure, hmm? So let's talk about the cleansing foam. It also removes make-up and I remember the first time I used it to get rid of my make up, and it just instantly removed everything (although, the eyes didn't remove that well- but I'm not complaining too much) and left my face feeling so so so fresh and clean. You know that feeling when you remove make-up and you just aaaah at the cleanliness? Well think of that but 10x better. It's almost like you've dunk your face into the purest water and it just, my goodness, feels so good. Does that even make sense? Next is the toner, which is much thicker than normal toners and it soaks up extremely onto the skin in preparation for your moisturiser. I have two from their line, the Green Tea Pure Cream and the Green Tea Pure Deep Cream. As suspected, the Deep Cream is thicker and more like a white moisturiser, whereas the Pure one is more opaque. I use the Deep Cream during winter, or nights where my face feels extra dry. And every other day (especially summer) I opt for the Pure one. 
One bad thing that I would say is that the price and availability of these products are frustrating. I stock up whenever I go Korea and/or Hong Kong but I know Yesstyle (click here) and Sasa (click here) stocks them too. 

After recently dying my hair red, one thing to maintain it's colour is not washing it as much. I used to wash my hair everyday (yes yes, I know it's bad) and now I have to go around with 2-3 day old hair. I don't have suuuuper oily hair, but it still feels gross. One thing that has helped me are these Batiste Dry Shampoos (hehe poos) from Priceline (here). I have one in Blush which is a floral scent and Tropical which is a coconut scent. Both do a decent job in getting rid of any oil residue on your scalp but smell like dry shampoo (I think what I'm trying to say is that it doesn't smell that natural to me) but I don't mind it too much. It's been a handy product ever since I've been a red-head and for the price I pay in comparison to a lot of other brands, I think it's not too bad. 
And of course, with all these constant damage to my hair, I have to do something about that eh? Having used to have ombre hair, the ends of my hair were severely damaged. However, like a lot of other people, Moroccan Oil has changed my life. After I wash my hair and let it air-dry (I try to stay away from any heating tools as much as I can), I put a penny-size amount on the ends of my hair just before I go to bed. Next day, I'm waking up with soft and less-tangled hair that I would if I haven't put it on. One of my must-haves for my hair!

Yes yes, finally, make up time!
These are some of the products that I have been using non-stop for the past few months (although there is one product that is super new). I'm actually a girl that doesn't wear make up everyday, but usually make-do with some eyebrow pencil and a good lip colour. I don't like wearing make up but like all (well most) girls, I do like those nights where I paint my face on! And when I do, I cannot think of a better way for my base to be no other than beautiful Chanel. 

I used to never like wearing liquid foundation because a) powder was so much easier and b) I thought no matter what, it'd look cake-y. But my oh my, this foundation by Chanel is just, I can't even. I would say the coverage is around medium but it is definitely build-able. Usually a pump and a bit can cover my whole face, as I like to use a little more on my cheeks. It is an oil-free formulation yet gives you a nice dewy finish. I wouldn't say matte finish, but definitely not oily. However, as I do have combination skin, I like to set it with powder just to hold everything together. Also, I'm not a huge make-up girl like I mentioned earlier, so I can't say how good it lasts on a day to day basis. It has had no problems for me for a night out and one thing that I would say is on the cons side is that it tends to dry very quickly upon application so you need to work fast with this baby, especially under the eyes where it sometimes can crinkle, but nothing concealer and faster hands can't fix! You can tell via the swatch it does give a little yellow-y finish but I don't really mind that. 

A bronzer I have been absolutely loving is this Body Shop Bronzing Powder in the shade 03 Medium Matte. I have just survived three months of winter with ghost-pale skin and this sweetcheeks have bought life back into my, well, cheeks (ha). It's such a natural shade but makes all the difference to your face. I love this love this love this, and it definitely makes you look like you didn't spend an extra 5 minutes contouring your face but instead gives a nice, natural finish. 

One thing I have been using daily ever since I bought it is the Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil in 002 Hazel. Just before I became a red head, I have had light brown to ash brown hair. This colour gave a near-perfect shade to my hair and is such a gem to work with. Glides on easy and gives good colour payoff as well as having a handy little brush to even out and refine your brows. I love it. 

Another thing with eyes: if you know me, then you know my eyelashes are possibly the worst in the whole world. I have single eye lids (yep, couldn't even be blessed with mono lids) and all eyelashes just fold in and down over my eyes like a curtain. I have tried so so so many different types of mascaras to try and hold a curl and nothing ever does. This beautiful mascara by Heroine Make however, does a preeeetty good job. I say pretty because I think a main reason why it still doesn't work well is because my eyelashes are just hating on errbody and doesn't like to cooperate. But this mascara works extremely well with my Shu Uemera eyelash curler (another staple of mine) and usually once I let it dry completely, I curl it again with my curler and it holds it really well. It's a japanese brand (my apologies, the brand is actually called Kiss Me) so it might be hard to find them in Australia but Sasa (here) stocks them and also Yesstyle (here).

Last but not least, lip bubbies! 
These have been my go-to lip products for the past few months and I don't know how to praise these because they're just amazing. Starting off with my Lush lip scrub (which is relatively new) but has definitely become something I love already. Popcorn that smells absolutely divine (yet weirdly tastes like salted caramel) and buffs out my chapped lips ready for some lip balm. My go-to lip balm has been the Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow which has a tinted pink colour that apparently changes to a colour that is natural for your lips, however I think it's just a tinted lip balm. I'm not complaining though, it moisturises my lips, smells delicious (like berries) and gives me a nice effortless lip colour- which is what I want when I'm out grocery shopping or running errands. 
On days that require more effort, I look to my YSL, Canmake and Christian Dior. I love light pink/coral lipsticks even in winter as it gives that extra pop to your face. I sometimes use Canmake and YSL together and it creates this beautiful coral pink fusion. One thing that I surprisingly liked is my NARS velvet lip pencil. This glides on like a gem and is actually a beautiful nude colour. It comes off brown-ish on my swatch but I usually use this either over my Maybelline lip balm or one of the coral colours and it just makes it a glossy-nude finish. 

All these lipsticks work well together and alone and I can't praise them enough. It's also perfect for the coming Spring, so I guess these will be my go-to's again! (You can also see my Chanel foundation swatch underneath the Christian Dior lipstick swatch)

But anyway, that's it guys! Whoa, that was looooooooong. My fingers actually hurt from typing. It's the first time I've done a review like this via blog post (I've tried video, but I get pretty awkward -awks) so let me know if this is useful and I hope it was. I like to share to you what I love so you can try it out. too! Please keep in mind this is all personal opinion and my skin type may be different to yours and products I love, you may hate so all good in da hood babydolls? (I'm weird, I know). 

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