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Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Hello chickens,
Here are a compilation of photos that have been taken over the past month. As you may have realised, I have disappeared from the face of MARIECHINO for just over a month and here I am trying to show you that I have been super busy! 
I had a brief - extremely brief break from uni at the start of the month in which I spent a day at the beach then I have to go to Queensland for a few days to celebrate a wedding anniversary and took a lot of touristy photos as you can see. Day after I got back, straight back to uni and finalising our installation for FESTA Christchurch in which my studio at University of Technology, Sydney are collaborating with in an installation at Worcester Bridge in Christchurch, New Zealand with the aim of rebuilding Christchurch post-earthquake. So in only a short matter of time, I was back onto the plane to NZ for a whole week working on this installation. 
It was a good experience in terms of learning more about the performative-spatial installation industry, however, I can't say I truly enjoyed myself. But, here's a beautiful photo for you to enjoy- taken whilst leaving New Zealand. 

And that brings me to today, just a week and a half away from my final exhibition for 2nd year as an Interior and Spatial Design student, so please bear with me while I become a slight hermit again for the next two weeks. 

I will make it up to you though, I promise.

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You Make Me Feel Alright

A month later, I'm back! Firstly, I'd like to apologise for my lack of appearance on the interweb- no I'm not dead, but instead I have had one of the busiest months of 2013 so far. I'll be putting an update post after this so you can see all the reasons I have neglected my blog and lookbook for a whole month - I didn't even know it was that long :(
But first, something exciting- I'm officially part of the affiliate program for ASOS, which I am super super super happy about because ASOS has been my go-to for nearly absolutely everything that I own and to celebrate that, I will be having a head-to-toe-ASOS look coming up very soon! 
Click on the banners on my side bar to check out ASOS and free shipping to Australia - no minimum charge! Come on people!

Hope you enjoy this look, took me a lot of courage to post it. I've always been insecure with my bust, and wearing something without any padding or push-up whatsoever really hits a spot. But I've decided to let go of some of that fear and insecurity, and try it out- makes me feel alright, despite me feeling like a boy..

Nevertheless, feels good to be back, loads to tell you- but you will have to wait for the next one.


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