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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Alice Cerea of Baby What's Up

She describes herself as a "young girl that is divided between love and passion, web and fashion." Alice Cerea of Baby What's Up? is a fashionable 19 year old living in Bergamo, an Italian city near Milan. Recently, we've noticed each other in the blogosphere and decided to just introduce each other on our respective blogs. Her blog is all about fashion, beauty and lifestyle and she loves to create outfits with particular accessories. She doesn't have a particular style (which is similar to me, and which is something I love about her) and she changes styles everyday from chic to rock!

Her motto is "Stay Strong" and she also has a matching tattoo in those words. I find that so beautiful and you can tell by her blog and collaborations that she's committed, super motivated and definitely talented! She sees herself as a strong and determined girl and believes everything she does until the end, which is something to be admired. 

Like me, she's been in a long relationship with her boyfriend but she's also been happily engaged since 2009! Extremely beautiful, kind-hearted and awesome, follow her on her blog for more of this girl!

Her links below

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