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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Rhythm Tulips

Bralet - Cotton On
Tulip Blouse - Rhythm (get it here on The Iconic)
Shorts - Gifted
Boots - Camper
Cardigan - UNIQLO

I think I could've gotten a cup of coffee if I charged 10c to all the people who said 'I can see your bra' to me today. Then they seem to have to justify themselves and say 'But it's pretty'. #notsureifcompliment

Nevertheless, here's another monochrome look for you - because I know just how much you like them. #canievenwearcolournow

Sorry about the hashtags.

Till the next one,


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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Back To You

Bralet - Cotton On
Top - MINK
Jeans - Neuw
Sandals - ASOS

One of my new year resolutions this year was to love the body that I've been given. Being the leader of the itty-bitty-titty club, sometimes it's hard to embrace that. Going past all the "what boobs?" and 'my chest is so flat an airplane can land on it' jokes, I realised there is something great about having a small bust.

I don't need to wear a bra.

And I don't have to worry about anything popping out. Can I just say I praised and danced a little when I wore this outfit because it's so, damn, comfortable. I used to get so envious of people who have nice boobs, and would try to find the best push-up bra on earth to put some meat on my chest. But by slowly accepting my bust size or lack thereof, I have developed a sense of style that not only makes me feel confident, but extremely comfortable.

I strongly believe the best thing a girl can wear is confidence (and a smile). There really isn't much point trying to impress people if it's not you. I used to avoid anything with a v-neck or low-cut, but now it seems like that's all I'm getting!

Loving myself step number one: check.

Have a good week, love others, but most importantly, love yourself.
Till the next one,


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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Pouring Rain and Crinkled Skirts

Top - Forever 21
Skirt - DIY on Mom's old skirt
Sandals - Windsor Smith (get them here)

Who would've known a rainy day made me get out of bed and post something up for you. I just came back from my two week (much needed but not enough) holiday with my other half, and so I've been pretty much catching up on sleep, slowly unpacking everyday (one item a couple of hours is a pat on the back for me) and spending some time with my meows- and my meows I mean cats guys.

Hope everyones February have been going well- I know uni starts next week for me and I'm both excited and scared shitless that this is going to be my final year. I am too young to graduate- can I even say that? Speaking of graduating, I got a haircut! Ha, like thats totally related. But yes, I've chopped it off again despite me making my friends promise me never to let me cut my hair again. 

Year 2014 is the year of changes my friends, and I started this year off with a fresh new straight cut, a holiday to Japan and Hong Kong, and a huge cleaning of my wardrobe. I found this crinkled skirt in the bottom of my drawer and I thought 'Yeh, why not wear a crinkled skirt out #yolo' #ihatehashtags.
But anyway, back to the cleaning, I looked at everything and asked myself if I've worn it in the past year, and if I haven't, straight into the charity bag it goes. If I'm doubting whether I can let it go, I ask myself whether I can pair that clothing in 3 different outfits both day and night. Yes, keep, no, charity.
It's really good to finally do this clean because I continually have clothes coming in and I swear to you, my wardrobe might explode and kill me one day. 

On a more positive note, I hope you are all doing splendidly, do some cleaning, wear some crinkled clothes, and stay safe.

Till the next one,

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