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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Burn Out

Top - Dorothy Perkins Half Sleeve Burn-out Top (get it here)
Shorts - Chicwish
Shoes - Converse

Title says it all. I'm burning out. 
Trying to juggle work, uni, mentoring and a boyfriend (and can I say medium-high social life) is definitely a work out. Running from uni to work has been my weekly exercise. Who needs the gym, right?! 

So hold up, why is it mid-March already? Because I don't remember telling 2014 to go this fast. I was talking to my other half last night on how it feels like December 31st was a week ago, and how it's possible to have skimmed through the past three months. I'm on my last year of uni, turning 21, and will probably be a struggling interior and spatial designer working a casual job selling bras. Is it selfish of me to feel old already and as if my life is about to disappear?

In the midst of my early-mid-life-crisis, I got my hands on this beautiful half sleeve top from THE ICONIC and I'm absolutely in love with it. It's soooooo comfortable. Get one now and sleep in it and you will thank me.

Added to your cart yet? Get it here. Now.


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